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  • Price Range: $149.99 – $239.99

What Are They About?

From the famous newspaper with a financial slant comes a wine club with two options: the Discovery Club sends members exceptional wines from small estate winemakers while the Premier Club offers high quality bottles.

Whether you’re experienced in wine or new to the world of wine, both levels of the club provide quarterly shipments of a case of wine and matching tasting notes.

Membership Overview (2 Plans)

Discovery Club

$149.99Every 3 Monthly
  • Delivery Every 3 Months
  • 12 Bottles - Reds, Whites or Mixed
  • Price Doesn't Include Shipping Fee - $19.99 (in total $14.16/bottle)

Premier Wine Club

$239.99Every 3 Monthly
  • Delivery Every 3 Months
  • 12 Bottles - All Reds or Mixed
  • Price Doesn't Include Shipping Fee - $19.99 (in total $21.67/bottle)

What You Get

Every third month members receive:

  • 12 bottles of wine
  • Your choice of all red, all white or mixed shipments.
  • Full color tasting notes on each wine in the shipment.
  • Flat rate shipping fee of $19.99.

Members also get:

  • 20% discount on future cases.
  • Advanced notice.
  • Ability to  switch out wines or skip shipments that don’t interest members.
  • No obligation or membership fees.
  • No cancellation fee – members can cancel at any time.

Why it Works & What Could be Better

Why it Works
  • The Price – The quarterly case of wine works out to one bottle a week, an easy amount to keep in your house without getting too backed up..
  • The Cancellation Policy – With no contract members may cancel at any time.
  • No Membership Fees – Other than the quarterly subscription price, shipping rate and taxes there are no costs to be a member.
  • The Choice – Members are notified of shipments ahead of time and able to swap out bottles to get what they want.
  • Flat Rate Shipping – Shipping is $19.99 no matter where you live.
  • The Variety – Members have the choice of all white, all red, and mixed shipments – it’s rare to find an all white option!

What Could be Better
  • The Website – The Wall Street Journal’s wine club website could be much better.  It’s a single page (one page for each level) with lots of information written in small text.  In addition to there being a lot of information with small text, there is also contradictory, or seemingly contradictory information.
  • Misleading and Confusing Information – The Premier Club lists itself as having free shipping but this is only for the first month – elsewhere on the page they list the $19.99.  The first shipment comes with 15 bottles so the per bottle price is listed as about $5 a bottle but this is only for one shipment.  Our chart more accurately reflects the actuality of the club (although we cannot calculate the taxes a member would pay).
  • Possible Duplicates – The bottles at the top of the page are two bottles of six unique wines and then three unique wines.  Does this mean that every month members receive six pairs of unique wine?  If so, WSJwine should offer a 6 bottle option with 6 unique wines.  We’re not fans of the double bottle – we’d rather get fewer bottles and have each be different.


faq  “Can I Order This As A Gift?”

Absolutely but be sure to alert the person who will be receiving it that it is on the way.  Federal law requires that shipments of alcohol be labeled as such and require the signature of a person who is over 21 years of age.  Getting a missed shipment can be tough and costly, so be sure to let people know so that they are not subjected to fees to get their wine.


faq  “When Does My Subscription End?”

You can cancel your subscription at any time.


faq  “Do I Get Discounts With My Membership?”

Members get a 20% discount on boxes after their first.


faq  “How Much Will I Pay Quarterly?”

Our chart shows the amount for the quarterly fee and the shipping – taxes are applied based on location so we cannot calculate that.

Can I join WSJwine?

Drink Up Stay Sober
Arizona Alabama
California Alaska
Colorado Arkansas
Connecticut Delaware
Florida Georgia
Idaho Hawaii
Iowa Indiana
Illinois Kansas
Louisiana Kentucky
Massachusetts Maine
Michigan Maryland
Minnesota Mississippi
Missouri Montana
North Carolina Oklahoma
North Dakota Pennsylvania
Nebraska Rhode Island
New Hampshire South Dakota
New Jersey Utah
New Mexico Vermont
New York
South Carolina
West Virginia

All In All

It appears that for all The Wall Street Journal does well, its wine club might be something to skip.  There are a few clubs out there that all look alike with the generic one page descriptions, confusing language about 15 bottles in the first shipment and 12 in the others, delivery available in the same places, and poorly worded descriptions that leave potential members confused.  A lack of transparent information on shipments, pricing, makeup and obvious boilerplate website leads us to believe that while WSJ has a wine club it is not their first priority.  Wine clubs are an investment and while getting wine and tasting notes is nice, we prefer a club that is more in touch with its members.  While we appreciate the limited choices of levels and the ability to select from white, red, and mixed shipments, overall WSJwine could improve itself by finding its niche.

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