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What Are They About?, the million-bottle online wine retailer, has developed a simple approach to a wine club. Located in San Francisco they use their proximity to wine and tech countries to bring wines from around the world to people everywhere simply by visiting their site.  Their club allows new, somewhat experienced, and very knowledgeable wine lovers pick a club that fits their needs and is simple to navigate and understand. prides themself on education both about varietals and about the wine lifestyle and executes a club that successfully focuses on both while also bringing their signature customer service model to the club. uses an online chat widget manned by wine experts and sommeliers who contact anyone who pops onto the site, regardless of whether or not they are a member.

Wines in this club come from all over the world, providing an excellent study in climate, region, varietal, and terroir.

Membership Overview (3 Plans)

Discovery Tour Wine Club

  • Monthly Delivery
  • 2 Bottles: 2 Reds or 1 Red & 1 White
  • Price Doesn't include Shipping Fee

Wines of the World Wine Club

  • Monthly Delivery
  • 2 Bottles: 2 Reds or 1 Red & 1 White
  • Price Doesn't include Shipping Fee

90 Point Rated Wine Club

  • Monthly Delivery
  • 2 Bottles: Only 2 Reds
  • Price Doesn't include Shipping Fee

What You Get

Every month members receive:

  • 2 bottles of wines curated by the clubs.
  • A choice of two reds or one white and one red.  There is not an option for two  whites at this time.
  • Shipments are made via FedEx meaning that they deliver to most places in the US, including D.C.
  • Each club has specially designed inserts.  The Discovery Tour insert focuses on education: region, wine and winery descriptions.  The Wines of the World level focuses more on wines and wineries and the Critics’ Choice focuses on food and pairing.
  • Flat shipping.  No matter which level or where you live you’ll always pay $15.30 for shipping.

Members also get:

  • A 10% on available Club Wines purchased from

What it Works & What Could be Better

Why it Works
  • The Pricing – Club pricing is fair and easy to understand.  Whatever level you choose you’ll pay the same amount each month.  Check the chart at the top of this page to see how much each costs (we included the shipping so don’t add an additional $15.30!)
  • Choice of Duration – You can select an ongoing membership or 3, 6, or 12 month option that ends after your last shipment.
  • The Choice of Shipment Makeup – Not a big fan of whites?  You can select to receive two whites.  We suggest getting both, though, if your goal is to learn more about wine.
  • FedEx Shipping – FedEx is reliable, trackable, and understands the importance of holding off on shipments during extreme weather to keep your wine safe.
  • Customer Service – has available on site chat widgets.  Within minutes of signing onto the site a wine expert (there are even some sommeliers on staff) will contact you and walk you through whatever you’re doing – from finding a wine to setting up your club membership.  I worked with Erin to begin my membership and she was phenomenal.  She knew the answers, was quick, and had a personality.  I would like to note that this was particularly important for me because a while ago I stopped working with because of a horrible experience with a customer service rep who was so rude I called and lodged a complaint.  While they were attentive and gave me a discount code, I was so turned off by the staff member that I didn’t go back on the site for months.  I’ll be back after working with Erin!

What Could Be Better
  • An All White Option – While I’m a red lover, my ongoing education in wine includes learning about, and appreciating white.  I never pick up white wine at the wine shop but a club that sent me whites would make me drink more whites.
  • It’s Part of the Site – The Wine Club’s site is within the larger site and could do well as an independent site with its own headers and footers specifically tailored to the site.  While the representatives are great – I could have saved Erin time if I could find the information on my own.


faq  “Can I Order This As A Gift?”

Yes, in fact you can find the wine club’s site by going to “Gifts” under the logo on the top left of the homepage.  Be sure to alert the receiver that you purchased a wine club for him so that he is able to guarantee that there is someone over the age of 21 to sign for the shipment.


faq  “When Does My Subscription End?”

You can cancel your subscription at any time – otherwise the shipments will keep coming every month until your subscription ends (if you ordered a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription) or you cancel an ongoing subscription.

Can I join Where I Live?

Drink Up Stay Sober
Alabama Georgia
Alaska Indiana
Arizona Iowa
Arkansas Kentucky
California Maine
Colorado Mississippi
Connecticut Montana
Delaware Oklahoma
Florida Utah
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

All In All, one of the most popular online wine retailers, has put together a simple to navigate wine club with three choices to meet three different levels of wine knowledge: beginner, moderate, and experienced.  Each level provides monthly shipments of two bottles of wine, either two red or one red and one white at the same price plus a flat shipping rate.  Members can sign up for an ongoing membership or one that will last for 3, 6, or 12 bottles but can be cancelled at any time by calling the customer service department.

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