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  • Price Range: $40 – $195

What Are They About?

Uncorked Ventures is a West Coast-focused wine club that isn’t ashamed of wine snobbery.  They take pride in knowing wine; curating little known gems from small vineyards; and offering higher end wines.  And they want to help their members know more about wine than anyone else in the room.  They believe in wine education and enjoyment and market themselves as a high end, luxury wine club.  Currently, Uncorked Ventures offers three levels of club membership ranging from $53-$108 per shipment (we have included shipping) featuring two wines.  Only wines from the West Coast of the United States that are highly rated or would be highly rated are sent to members.

In addition to wine education and enjoyment, Uncorked Ventures takes relationships seriously.  Through relationships with small, quality, boutique vineyards they are able to provide wines not available to most drinkers.

While the club isn’t ashamed of the wine snob label, they do it in a way that is unpretentious.  This is a club for those who take their enjoyment of wine seriously and want to impress friends with fantastic bottles.

Membership Overview (3 Plans)

Explorations Wine Club

$40For Every Delivery
  • Delivery: Monthly, Every Other Month, or Quarterly
  • 2 Bottles - 1 Red and 1 White
  • Price Doesn't Include Shipping Fee - $13.00 (in total $26.50/bottle)

Special Selection

$95For Every Delivery
  • Delivery: Monthly, Every Other Month, or Quarterly
  • 2 Red Wine Bottles
  • Price Doesn't Include Shipping Fee - $13.00 (in total $54/bottle)

Reserve Selection

$195For Every Delivery
  • Delivery: Monthly, Every Other Month, or Quarterly
  • 2 Red Wine Bottles
  • Price Doesn't Include Shipping Fee - $13.00 (in total $104/bottle)

What You Get

Every shipment members receive:

  • 2, highly rated or potentially highly rated bottles of wines curated by two self-proclaimed wine hunting experts from California, Oregon or Washington states.
  • The Uncorked Ventures newsletter with detailed information on the wines, vineyards, and winemakers associated with the current shipment.
  • Flat rate shipping.

Members also get:

  • A 15% discount on reorders.
  • Access to special selections and limited amounts of wine.
  • A monthly newsletter.
  • Members of the Explorations level club get a 10% discount in Uncorked Ventures online club.

Why it Works & What Could be Better

Why it Works
  • The Education – Uncorked Ventures has clubs for every level of wine enjoyer.  Included with the shipments are in depth notes to help learn about wine while tasting it – line drinking with the winemaker.
  • The Choice – Members choose from how frequently they receive shipments (monthly, every other month, or quarterly).  Members can also choose the duration of their monthly membership from one shipment to a year’s worth.
  • Flat Rate Shipping – All shipments have an additional $13 tacked onto the price for shipping – our chart shows the price for the membership plus shipping.  Calculate sales tax using your state’s rate.

What Could be Better
  • Missing/Outdated Information – While the website has a section for their “Returns & Cancellations” policies, the cancellation policy does not appear here or in other places.  This is particularly concerning because it is a higher-priced club.  Best bet?  Since there is no discount for ordering more than one month so go with the monthly option!  Further, in some places it says that members get 2-3 bottles but all of the pictures show two.  Three bottles would soften the price considerably.  It also appears that one of the men listed as running the club no longer works there yet there is no information about who is then picking the wine.
  • The Price – There is nothing wrong with offering a higher end club but we’re not sure we agree with their version of “cheap”.  While they call their Exploration level “cheap”, bottles average at least $25 for each bottle – which is a pretty high price point for those new to wine.
  • An All White Option – There is not an all white bottle.
  • Transparency – While there is not anything wrong with it, per se, some of the language on the site is misleading.  For example, it states that these wines are selected by “wine hunting experts” which would make most assume they are wine experts – especially considering the price.  Neither of the club’s founders has formal training in wine.  This is not to say that they’re not skilled, but the price along with the language would make someone assume they are dealing with wine professionals.  This is also concerning because they send both highly rated and “would be highly rated” wines.  WIthout any training in wine we’re not sure how they can decide about wines that would be highly rated and with the price we would expect the wines would be of top quality.


faq  “Can I Order This As A Gift?”

Yes.  Be sure to let the person who will be receiving it know it is arriving.  Federal law requires that packages containing alcohol be signed for by someone 21 years of age or older.


faq  “I Really Don’t Like White Wine But Want To Do The Explorer Level.”

Just call and talk to them – an all red option is available this way!

Can I join MORE Uncorked Where I Live?

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Uncorked Ventures isn’t ashamed of wine snobbery and has a focus on west coast (USA) wines, offering higher priced, highly rated or “would be highly rated” wines to members.  Shipments can come monthly, every other month, or quarterly and can be ordered ongoing or for a set time.  While the site contains lots of information, there is plenty missing: like what the makeup is and how three bottle shipments are sent, if there is a price change for these, and what the cancellation policy is.  The website may be out of date without current information about who is running the club and selecting wines however for most people, this type of information isn’t necessary.  Little known, small batch, sought after west coast wines take front and center.

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