The Hottest Wine Gift Baskets 2016

Gifts are tough. You don’t want to buy clothes as a gift, and picking out the perfect one of a kind piece of jewelry is nearly impossible. Do you know what makes the greatest gifts?  Wine Gift Baskets!  By thinking about the person a little you can easily create a great basket to make anyone smile.


The Basics

No matter what you decide on, there are certain things you’ll need to have when making wine gift baskets.



When putting together a wine basket it’s a good idea to plan on at least two and no more than four bottles. You can go with two red, two white, one of each or mix it up a little with one rosé and one orange. If you know what the person likes, it’s easy. If they’re new to wine, go with lighter bodied newbie-friendly wines like Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. If they are more experienced include bottles from lesser known or emerging regions.



Before you skip this section, think outside of the box for your basket!  No one needs a basket, I promise you this. Instead, consider something that is reusable. One great option is a silicon basket that can be filled with ice to keep wine and other beverages cold. Collector boxes are nice but they can be pricey and very few people will use these.


A New Opener

Every wine gift basket should include a wine opener. There is a huge range of openers out there but you can’t go wrong with a butler’s thief. A butler’s thief, two pronged, or ah-so wine opener is one that everyone can use and that comes in very handy on older bottles (great for your collector friends) but they are also great for new wine enthusiasts because they are so simple to use and also incredibly cheap. A $2 butler’s thief  works as well as any expensive opener. Many people do not have one of these in their arsenal so it’s a perfect option and doesn’t add much to your price tag when building the basket.



No matter what kind of wine or whom the basket is for: include snacks. Dried fruit and nuts are the best options but also local honey and crackers. Skip the chocolate – it’s too tough to pair. Also, avoid cured meats because the salt content can kill the palate quickly, lessening the enjoyment of the wine.



Include something the receiver would never buy for himself but that is wine-related fun. Even the most seriously wino likes to let his hair down. Some great ideas include: books, coasters, vintage postcards, kitchen towels, novelty soap. A wine-related treat like this brings the basket together.



Forget shreds of paper (messy! and ghost poop (ugly!) and use something interesting to fill the basket that will serve the purpose of protecting and being decorative. Some unique options include wine-themed linens like cloth napkins and kitchen towels, or fake fruit – the grapes are the perfect packing material and add a cute touch.



Great Themes For Wine Gift Baskets

Now that you have an idea of some of the things you’ll need to make a basket, it’s time to go deeper into what makes wine gift baskets so great. Below are just a few ideas for wine baskets based on some common, and uncommon, themes. Use one of these or allow this to get your mind working and create your own.

Romantic Basket

Perfect for newlyweds, anniversaries, or your special someone, make a gift basket that contains items leaning toward the romantic. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Look for bottles with “lovely” labels. Flowers, hearts, or just beautiful images can add to the romance.
  • Go with red. As long as the receiver(s) like red wine it’s definitely the color to go with. Also carry the red theme over by using a red basket, filling, ribbon… white and pink also work well.
  • Consider romantic gifts. Instead of coasters or a kitchen towel look for wine bottle candles, a gorgeous stopper, or move away from the wine theme and include personal products. A beautiful massage bar is always appreciated, and this heart shaped one is a favorite for lovebirds!
  • Dress it up. Consider including lingerie and silk boxers as filling.

Gearhead Basket


Whether they are the first online for the new iPhone or the friend you go to when you need a stereo set up, we all know gearheads. But Gearheads can also have refined tastes. Like a love of wine. Want to make your gearhead happy?  Here are some hot products to include gearhead aimed wine gift baskets:

  • Sleek Collar Thermometer: This electronic thermometer is understated and, let’s face it, cool.
  • Electric Corkscrew:  This opener looks like it belongs on a spaceship so imagine how awesome your gearhead’s kitchen will look when he puts it out on the counter.

Collector Basket

Whether they are a writer, a scrapbooker, or just an oenophile — if you have someone in your life who likes to document, chronicle, journal — there are many options to fill wine gift baskets with items that will capture their heart. Help your collector with:

  • Wine Label Savers. These sheets are easy to use and allow labels to be quickly, easily, and cleanly removed from wine bottles and saved in a journal or used in crafting.
  • Wine Journals. Wine journals come in a variety of styles. Some are just for writing in while others have places for saved labels. We love the quality and look of Moleskine journals and their wine journal is a fantastic option.


There are so many people who love wine, each with their own unique personality, tastes, and hobbies. Whether you’re interested in wine gift baskets for your lover, a friend, or even want to put one together for a charity auction — use our thematic ideas to bring it to the next level. Do you have ideas for another kind of basket?  Want us to come up with products for a music lover, painter or another personality?  Let’s continue the conversation in the comments or on social media!

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