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  • Price Range: $100 – $300

What Are They About?

MORE Uncorked is a mail order wine club service run by MORE Magazine, a women’s magazine aimed at and about “women of style and substance who influence others.”  There is a website and print version of the magazine and now, a matching wine club.  MORE Uncorked supports women vintners, a tiny but impressive and growing faction of the wine making community, by curating members’ shipments from wines made by women vintners.  These boutique wines are not only available nationally through club membership but also online once the first shipment of the month is sent.

MORE values relationships and women.  They not only pick wines that represent the brilliance of women in the wine world but also provide events with influential women of wine, and partner perks that come along with membership.

Wines in this club come from all over the world, providing an excellent study in climate, region, varietal, and terroir.

Membership Overview (3 Plans Available)


$100Every 3 month
  • Delivery Every 3 Months
  • 4 Bottles in Each Delivery
  • $100 ($25/bottle)

Taste MORE

$150Every 3 months
  • Delivery Every 3 Months
  • 6 Bottles in Each Delivery
  • $150 ($25/bottle)

Enjoy MORE

$300Every 3 months
  • Delivery Every 3 Months
  • 12 Bottles in Each Delivery
  • $300 ($25/bottle)

What You Get

Every third month members receive:

  • 4, 6, or 12 bottles of wines curated by a panel of experts and made by women.
  • Your choice of a mixed or all red shipment.  Currently there is not an option for all white.
  • Expertly packed packages that arrive in an unmarked cardboard box, packed carefully to avoid breakage, using low ecological impact materials.
  • A wine club newsletter with bios of the month’s winemakers, professional tasting notes, and suggestions for pairings including recipes.
  • Free shipping.

Members also get:

  • A complimentary one year subscription to MORE magazine.
  • Access to invite-only events, like tastings, with notable women of wine.
  • A 10% discount at the affiliated online wine shop.
  • Vineyard and winery discounts on tours, tastings and more.

While not tangible or related to cost, many will appreciate the exposure to women winemakers this wine club brings to the table as it is exclusively catered to sharing wines conceived, executed, and marketed by women.

Why It Works & What Could Be Better

Why It Works
  • The Perks – MORE Uncorked has partnerships with a variety of vineyards and wineries and with any membership level comes discounts on site for things like tastings, tours, and purchases.  These are more than just a glass or two tastes for one person – some include complimentary activities for up to ten people.
  • The Cancellation Policy – There is no contract and members may cancel at any time so if the club doesn’t fit your needs, you are only on the hook for a shipment if it has already shipped.
  • The Choice – While all shipments come quarterly, there is something to be said for being allowed to choose a mixed or all red shipment and from four to twelve bottles.  Members can switch between the all red and mixed shipments at any time by calling the clubs toll free number.
  • Free Shipping – Wine is heavy and heavy is expensive.  MORE Uncorked offers free shipping, which is an excellent feature of the club.
  • Rescheduling – If a member is traveling or experiencing extreme weather shipments can be rescheduled.

What Could Be Better
  • An All White Option – For those wine drinkers who don’t like reds, it would be nice to have an option for only white wines. At this time there is not any information on whether or not this is in the works.
  • Communication – The club is lax about communications and inquiries. Be sure to call in order to have your needs addressed.
  • Confusing Lexicon – Or, “hard to understand terms”. The website frequently uses cuveé in place of “wine”. Googling this term could lead to confusion whereas cuveé is, quite simply, just a way to sound fancy.
  • Pricing – The pricing reflects a $25/bottle price point, which we assume is elevated in order to cover the shipping costs that are not borne by the member however generally speaking, clubs offer a discount for larger orders but no matter how many bottles you get in a shipment, you will pay $25/bottle. They do select from small, boutique wines which naturally have a higher price and allow you to support small, local businesses.


Can I Order This As A Gift?

Yes.  BUT, while a wine club membership makes a great gift, better not to make it a surprise – wine and other packaged alcohol must be signed for a by a person over the age of 21 each time it is delivered.  Be sure to send the receiver all of the information and use their email address once the subscription is purchased and you pay for it.

When Does My Subscription End?

You can cancel your subscription at any time – otherwise the shipments will keep coming every three months.

Can I join MORE Uncorked Where I Live?

Drink Up Stay Sober
Arizona Alabama
California Alaska
Colorado Arkansas
Connecticut Delaware
Florida Georgia
Hawaii Kansas
Idaho Kentucky
Illinois Maine
Indiana Maryland
Iowa Missouri
Louisiana Montana
Massachusetts North Carolina
Michigan Oklahoma
Minnesota Pennsylvania
Mississippi Rhode Island
Nebraska South Carolina
Nevada South Dakota
New Hampshire Tennessee
New Jersey Utah
New Mexico Vermont
New York Wisconsin
North Dakota
West Virginia


For wine lovers with experience in wine who want to learn more about more obscure wines and/or wines made by women, this is a great club.  While the $25/bottle price point is higher than most would normally spend, other than for a special bottle, the club is promoting a minority in the winemaking world while exposing boutique wines to a larger audience, making them available for sale online, and educating drinkers.   Further, the perks that come with the club, especially for club members who live near participating venues, are worth way more than the few extra dollars per bottle.  And all members can take advantage of the discount on the site’s online wine shop.

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