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  • Price Range: $139.99 – $199.99

What Are They About?

Lathwaite’s is the world’s largest online wine shop, based in the UK.  They began with Bordeaux but now sell an extensive collection of wine.  After partnering with Zagat, known for their restaurant reviews, and working with the Zagat wine club Lathwaite’s took over completely and now handles all aspects of the wine club.  The club focuses on providing good price points for members who receive a case quarterly, or 48 bottles a year.  Lathwaite’s allows members to have some control over their shipments, doesn’t have any membership or cancellation fees, has flate rate shipping, and is flexible when it comes to skipping shipments.

Membership Overview (2 Plans)

4 Seasons Club

$139.99Every 3 Monthly
  • Delivery Every 3 Months
  • 15 Bottles - Reds, Whites or Mixed
  • Price Doesn't include Shipping Fee - $19.99 (in total $13.33/bottle)

Reserve Wine Club

$199.99Every 3 Monthly
  • Delivery Every 3 Months
  • 12 Bottles - All Reds or Mixed
  • Price Doesn't include Shipping Fee - $19.99 (in total $18.33/bottle)

What You Get

Every three months members receive:

  • 12 bottles of wine.
  • All red, all white, or mixed shipments.
  • Advanced notice of what’s in the shipment allowing members to switch, delay, or skip a particular shipment.
  • Included tasting notes for the bottles in the shipment.
  • An opportunity for feedback to help Lathwaite’s put together better future shipments for each individual member.

Why it Works & What Could be Better

Why it Works
  • The Price – Both club levels, the four seasons and the reserve, provide wines for no more than $20/bottle – an exceptional price for a club.  Additionally, shipping is always a more than fair $19.99 no matter where you live or which wines you’ll receive that shipment.
  • The Simplicity – With only two levels and few choices, members don’t have to waste substantial time working out, calculating and altering their subscriptions.
  • The Lack of Fees – No membership or cancellation fees ever.
  • No Hassle – Cancel any time without penalty.
  • Delivery Delay or  Shipment Skipping – If there’s nothing you’d like that month, just skip it.  Going away or have a little more wine in the house because you got holiday gifts?  Delay it so you have a chance to drink some before the next shipment comes.
  • Shipping Eligibility – Lathwaite’s has an easy to find list of states where they can ship right on each club’s page.

What Could be Better
  • More Information – We’re all for simple displays of information but Lathwaite’s club is lacking in information.  FOr example, it’s really difficult to suss out the difference between the two levels.  Does the 4 Seasons options offer seasonal wines?  More light wines in the warmer weather?  What makes the Reserve wines so special?  We’re not sure.
  • It’s Confusing – Despite being very simply placed on the page, it’s hard to decipher just what you get.  This is because there is a free offer – each club begins with 15 bottles, not three, but they are not at an additional cost.  We got to the bottom of it for you but it took us a while.  It’s also unclear if they give double bottles, something we’re not a huge fan of.  The pictures show six unique bottles in pairs and three additional unique bottles.  No where does it say that shipments are only of six wines in pairs, though.


faq  “Can I Order This As A Gift?”

It is unclear from Lathwaite’s site whether or not you can order this as a gift (e.g. it doesn’t show whether or not you can have a shipping and a billing address) but if you can be sure to alert the person you’re sending to that you have ordered them a wine club.  U.S. law requires an individual of at least 21 years old to sign for the package.


faq  “When Does My Subscription End?”

Subscriptions are ongoing – but you can cancel at any time without fear of penalty.  You can also delay or skip shipments if the timing or selection doesn’t work for you.


faq  “Can I choose the makeup of my twelve bottles?”

Members can choose from 12 reds, 12 whites, or a mixed shipment.

Is Lathwaite’s Wine Club Available Where I Live?

Drink Up Stay Sober
Arizona Alabama
California Alaska
Colorado Arkansas
Connecticut Delaware
Florida Georgia
Idaho Hawaii
Iowa Indiana
Illinois Kansas
Louisiana Kentucky
Massachusetts Maine
Michigan Maryland
Minnesota Mississippi
Missouri Montana
North Carolina Oklahoma
North Dakota Pennsylvania
Nebraska Rhode Island
New Hampshire South Dakota
New Jersey Utah
New Mexico Vermont
Nevada West Virginia
New York
South Carolina

All In All

Lathwaite’s would be well-served to share more, clearer information on their site and consider a separate site for the club where members could get a better understanding of exactly what the club entails.  The page, as it exists, makes it read as if there 15 bottles each month and could cause, based on the text and photographs, members to calculate this as an even better deal.  it’s definitely a good deal, but it’s only 12 bottles.  Having the membership spelled out, and information on all facets of the club, would make this club a better experience.  Further, there should be an option to receive a six bottle shipment with no repeats rather than forcing double bottles on members.  While the price is right, we think this club could be better than it currently is and look forward to Laithwaite’s making some minor improvements to it.

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