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  • Price Range: $44.95 – $150

What Are They About?

Global Wine Cellars is a California-based wine club that brings you the world in a glass.  Each shipment contains wines from all over the world selected by a team of wine experts that will expose the club member to a variety of boutique wines.  Wines a member likes can be ordered online, as long as supplies last, through the site.

Wines in this club come from all over the world, providing an excellent study in climate, region, varietal, and terroir.

Membership Overview (3 Plans)

Global Getaway Club

$44.95For Every Order
  • Delivery Every Month or Every Other Month
  • 3 Bottles in Each Delivery
  • $44.95 ($14.98/bottle)

Global Discovery Club

$90 - $180For Every Order
  • Delivery Every Month, Every Other Month or Every Third Month
  • 6 or 12 Bottles in Each Delivery
  • 6 Bottles: $90 ($15/bottle)
    12 Bottles: $180 ($15/bottle)

Global Access Club

$150For Every Order
  • Delivery Every Third Month
  • 6 Bottles in Each Delivery
  • $150 ($25/bottle)

What You Get

Club Membership Means:

  • A choice of three different club levels varying in per bottle price points of $14.98-$25/bottle.
  • A choice of a mixed or all red shipment.  The club does not have an all white option at this time.
  • Low impact, securely packed unmarked cardboard boxes that use recycled pulp packing spacers.
  • “The Cellar Review”, Global Wine Cellars newsletter.  It comes with each shipment and includes information about the wine as well as multiple pairing suggestions.
  • No membership or cancellation fees.
  • 10% all shopping in the Global Wine Cellars online store.
  • Earn and spend points through referrals and shopping.

Why it Works & What Could be Better

Why it Works
  • The Choice – Global Wine Cellars allows members to perfectly design a wine subscription that works for them individually.  There are three levels, choice of frequency, and even the ability to sign up for a set number of shipments – awesome for those who want to try something for a limited time and not have to worry about a surprise charge.
  • The Up Front Pricing – There are no hidden fees – members know how much the box costs, each box has a set shipping price, and there are no membership or cancellation charges.  Even if you sign up for a multi-month membership you can cancel any time and are only charged for what has shipped.
  • The Points – Unlike some point systems where need more than you could ever seem to earn, Global Wine Cellars has a fair system for earning points through referrals, subscription costs, and shopping in the online store.  Every 2,000 points gives the club members a $25 credit to use however they wish.  Points are earned more easily through referrals than shopping but still fair.
  • Customer Service – Staff is attentive, quick to respond, and very helpful.  I worked with them extensively while setting up my one month trial and have zero complaints.
  • Account Holds – Whether you’re traveling or have too much wine in the house and not enough room for it, calling Global WIne Cellars allows for you to put a hold on your account.

What Could be Better
  • White Box – Like many other clubs, Global Wine Cellars provides mixed and all red boxes but no option for a white only box.
  • Duplicate Bottles – When ordering a six bottle membership members receive four distinct bottle – two of the wines come twice.  This is not the only club that does this but it still doesn’t make much sense – the idea is to get exposed to new wines and you run the risk of not liking some wine.  What could be worse than paying for two bottles of a repeat wine that you don’t like?
  • No Breaks on Quantity – The three levels of the membership each have different price points: $14.98/bottle, $15/bottle, and $25/bottle.  There is no savings per bottle offered for ordering the twelve bottle membership.  The good prices on shipping help but it would be nice to see a price cut when members order in bulk, especially since wines are doubled up on larger orders.


faq  Are Gift Memberships Available?

Yes!  You can order this as a gift for the wine lover in your life.  As we always advise: let the person know beforehand or immediately so that they are prepared when notifications come and can also make arrangements for delivery.  All shipments of alcohol in the US must be signed for by someone who is twenty one years of age or older.  Some members opt to have the delivery made to their workplace since many people are not home during the day.


faq  When Does My Subscription End?

Global Wine Cellars is the first club we’ve come across that allows for ongoing membership or a set number of months – which is a brilliant option.

Is Global Wine Cellars Available Where I Live?

Global Wine Cellar does not have shipping in every state, they are available in many:

Drink Up Stay Sober
Arizona Alabama
California Alaska
Colorado Arkansas
Connecticut Delaware
District Of Columbia Georgia
Florida Kansas
Hawaii Kentucky
Idaho Maine
Illinois Maryland
Indiana Mississippi
Iowa Montana
Louisiana North Carolina
Massachusetts Oklahoma
Michigan Pennsylvania
Massachusetts Rhode Island
Michigan South Carolina
Minnesota South Dakota
Missouri Tennessee
Nebraska Utah
Nevada Vermont
New Hampshire Wisconsin
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
New York
North Dakota
West Virginia

All In All

Global Wine Cellars provides an easy to budget for, multi-level wine club that highlights wines from around the world at essentially two different price points, $15 and $25.  Wines are not limited to a region, like some clubs, but instead provide a sampling of wines from everywhere – which is great for those who are interested in being exposed to the different things that happen to grapes depending on climate, soil, and tradition.  Excellent customer service, the ability to build your own membership, and flat shipping are all huge bonuses for this club.

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