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  • Company: Club W
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  • Price Range: $39 – $57 + $6 shipping

Membership Overview

Frequency Of Deliveries Number of Bottles In Each Delivery Price
Monthy 3 $39 – $57 + $6 shipping ($13-$19/bottle)

What Are They About?

Club W is a little different from other wine clubs and could be considered more personal than the rest.  It regularly gets ranked as one of the best clubs out there.  Wines are not simply sourced to Club W.  Instead they work with farmers and winemakers to create small batches only available via Club W.  They are hugely supportive of small businesses and also of sustainability – they use far less packaging than other clubs and also only use fully recyclable, biodegradable, compostable materials.  The goal of Club W is to offer wines customers will enjoy based on their palates, at reasonable prices, and take some of the pretentiousness out of wine in the process.

Club W partners with wineries around the world to provide excellent wine, and a variety of it, and selects wine based on two things: your palate profile and ratings.  Worried you don’t know anything about your palate?  And that you don’t have the time or energy to learn?  No worries.  Club W simply asks you a handful of questions about things you definitely do know, like how you take your coffee and your opinions on citrus and salt.  This forms a baseline for them regarding your preferred flavors and mouthfeel.  After you complete the profile (it literally takes about a minute) they suggest three wines.  Each time you get a delivery you can rate the wines which helps them select the best wines for your monthly box.  And, you can retake the palate survey any time to get new flavors.

In addition to all this good stuff, you can also hand select your own box. Whereas so many wine clubs send you their selected wine or two of the month, Club W makes recommendations and packs them up or allows you to change things up.

What You Get

Every month members receive:

  • 3 or more bottles of wine (you can easily add more to your shipment by accessing your account from their website) based on your preferences, hand-selected by you, or a mix of both..
  • Your choice of all red, all white, or mixed.  Depending on how many wines you get you can adjust the settings.  11 reds and one white?  Why not!
  • A perfectly packed shipment that is kind to the earth by using eco-conscious materials that are fully sustainable.
  • The option to learn.  Club W is about the experience of wine, in fact they purposely write their descriptions to avoid the common descriptors used in wine tastings.  But if you want to learn, tune into the videos for each wine that are stored on their website.
  • A flat shipping rate of $6.

Why it Works & What Could be Better

Why it Works
  • It’s Personal – Most wine clubs send two bottles that are likely to please most palates which means you’re more than likely to never get a bottle of Négrette – the stinky sensation from Southwestern France’s Garonne and Tarn.  But for those who like a stronger, aromatic wine it is possible to get these through Club W by reflecting these tastes in your palette profile.
  • Fair Policies – Got too much wine in your fridge?  Select the “Skip A Month” option from your account settings prior to your processing date, which is prominently displayed on the left hand side of your account page.  Need a break?  Just call them up for hassle-free cancellations.
  • Choice, Choice, Choice – With Club W you can decide how many bottles, how many bottles of which colors, whether to pick your own or just go with recommendations… it’s more like having an assistant who goes out and buys wine for you (and finds great prices) rather than a wine club subscription.
  • Flat Rate Shipping – There’s no risk of outrageous surprise costs.  $6 a month.
  • PricingSome wine clubs are pricey.  That’s okay.  But some wine drinkers, especially those new to wine, might want something more cost effective.  Club W offers brilliant wines at the reasonable per bottle price of $13.  Three bottles at $13 with $6 for shipping means $15 per bottle – which is awesome.
  • Customer ServiceWhile they are not great about answering their email, the Club W website has a handy little chat widget (look at the lower left of your screen when visiting the website) and staff are friendly and knowledgeable.

  • The Descriptions – The wine descriptions provided by Club W work for some and not for others.  While unpretentious and fun, serious wine drinkers will miss things they’re looking for.  Like, “buttery”.  You won’t find that descriptor here.  And because these wines are not available anywhere else, it can be tricky to find a typical description.


Can I Order A Club W Box For A Friend?

You can send a friend a subscription, like most clubs allow.  Always tell a friend immediately after signing up and get them the info so that they are able to arrange for someone to be home when the box arrives.  All shipped alcohol in the US requires the signature of someone over the age of 21.  In addition to traditional gifts Club W also allows you to earn free boxes for friends.  Don’t worry, we won’t tell them.

Can I Find The Wines I Get At My Local Wine Shop Or Grocery Store?

No.  Club W works with vineyards and winemakers to develop wines specifically for the club’s members so you won’t be able to find them in retail outlets.  You can, of course, order them directly from Club W at their club prices.

How Do I Cancel?

Just give them a call for hassle-free cancellation.

What If I Just Want To Take Some Time Off?

Club W offers the option to skip a month – just sign on and make sure to press the button before your processing date for that month.  Your processing date and the button to skip a month are located on the same page under the “My Account” section which keeps things easy.

Where Do I Need To Live?

While Club W does not have shipping in every state, they are available in many:

Drink Up Stay Sober
Arizona Alabama
California Alaska
Colorado Arkansas
Connecticut Delaware
Florida Hawaii
Georgia Kentucky
Idaho Mississippi
Illinois Oklahoma
Indiana Pennsylvania
Iowa Rhode Island
Kansas South Dakota
Louisiana Utah
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
South Carolina
West Virginia

*No information is available about whether or not the club can deliver to the District of Columbia

All In All

This is a phenomenal wine club.  In fact, we would highly recommend Club W to anyone thinking about joining a monthly wine club.  And that recommendation is made without considering the price.  Club W gets it right but providing considerable more choice to members while offering interesting, varied, global wines based on preference and the ability to order the same thing every month if a member wanted to.  We don’t recommend that, though.  Instead, we suggest taking the palate profile, allowing Club W to curate your shipments, and making sure to rate every wine you receive so that you continue to get wines you like.  And, for the adventurous, every once in a while log on and try something new and outside of your comfort zone and then rate it to make sure you keep getting exposed to new wines.

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